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"Our true possessions are things we
cannot see and hardly know of."
H. Hesse

Wind Spirit Community Overview

Sane living in a mad world
The times they are a changin'
When you look at most community websites you might think they are close to the utopian ideal, glowing descriptions of goals, values, visions that most anyone would desire. We are not immune from choosing some of  these descriptions on our website but I will add that when our community is functioning at a high level it can seem like a utopia. I wish it where that way all the time, but that is not the case. The ever changing paradigm, the up’s and down, negative/positive seem to be a process of life. Who wants to write on their website about some of the not so good experiences we have gone through. All we will say is that we get a little better at community living all the time learning form all our past experiences. So as you read through our website keep this in mind and do not build unrealistic expectations only to be disappointed. We like to promote the positive, not be naive about the negatives but to view these issues as growth opportunities on our path.
Wind Spirit is a Ecovillage located in a narrow valley surrounded by mountain ranges, The closest town Globe is 20 miles away. We continue to nurture the community land, an AZ non-profit corporation, and update our bylaws and vision as we experience and grow. We are committed to 100% organic methods of food production along with continually working to bring our 16 acres more in line with permaculture practices. A canopy of thousands of mature fruit, nut and native trees feed and shelter us, several gardens provide us with more food.. All this bio-mass also creates a sanctuary for a large bird population as well as for many other animals.

We aspire to live in harmony which is not always easy, be good stewards of the land and be as sustainable as possible, while also being realistic about what we can afford to do with the resources we have. Community is really all about our relationships with each other everything else is secondary. Along with this we are committed to keeping WSC affordable through simple living without the poverty mentality that can often accompany low cost living. We are not a cult in any way, we have no leaders but feel it is wise to except wisdom found through experience. We honor diversity of thought and spiritual practices.

We do encourage people to eat a healthy diet of whole fresh foods as opposed to a denatured food diet. We have an outdoor gas barbecue for cooking meat/fish/fowl but occasionally someone will use the community indoor stove to cook certain dishes. We are not dogmatic about eating, there are people here who like to eat meat/fish/foul. If you are very strict about what you eat you will need to find the space within to allow others their choice as well.

The Co-Creators Agreements are a great way to bring about transformation in a society where most of these agreements or values are not incorporated or discussed. We value them as a foundational body of work that will help foster better communication and hence a better place to live.
Wind Spirit is a 20+ year old community, located on the same land as the old Christmas Star Community (1979-1993) started by John Cohen family and friends. Christmas Star community planted this beautiful land with an incredible variety of trees and we have continually added to the bio-mass along with resculpting the land as a permaculture work in progress.  Our community has been experiencing many changes. We have lost two core members, dear friends, Richie and Patricia who have passed on. Other core members have left to seek other experiences.
There is now only one co-founding member living on the land working with new members, long and short term visitors to move the community ahead. Don, the remaining member is trying to heal from chronic Lyme (tick) disease he contracted back east so at times it is a difficult journey. There are 10 of us right now (July 2016) and that number changes seasonally, some have lived here for months to 6 years.
We use a consensus minus one voting system in making major decisions during meetings. Our meetings are generally run by a facilitator to keep people on track and make sure everyone gets a chance to express their views. Members and visitors are asked to attend weekly meetings where announcements for the week are made and it is also a good opportunity for visitors and guests to introduce themselves. We also allow anyone living here to call a meeting to discuss whatever topic they would like to explore, emotions and spiritual topics are the most common. These meetings are usually a rewarding experience for everyone but are usually not mandatory to attend. It is our goal to be as authentic as we can with each other and support each other's life path to higher consciousness.
We strive to attain balance in the areas of work and free time yet accomplish what needs to be done. Our work here includes, gardening, wood working, all aspects of building, irrigation systems, music, solar and more. We use solar ovens, solar water distillers, solar food dehydrators, some solar electric and solar water heating along with conventional methods. We welcome innovation and sharing with the many visitor who travel here locally and from around the world.
Hosting retreats and workshops has shown not only to bring in some needed funds but introducing the community and ourselves to many new friends and connections. In the last couple of years our improvements include a gift shop, underground sauna, garden shed and continual work to our extensive irrigation systems. There are also continuing upgrades to existing plumbing, electrical systems and buildings. These are aside from all the little improvement and ongoing maintenance projects that happen here every month. We desire to present an eclectic showcase of green building techniques that harmonize with the desert environment. We have the ground work to develop a small cottage industries but with the lack of long term commitments along with Don’s health issues these are slow to develop.
We like to have community gatherings to celebrate solstices, equinoxes and holidays along with the enjoyable group experiences while hosting retreats We usually have at least two community meal weekly but spontaneous community meals happen more often. In the cooler months our sauna is a bi-weekly event and can vary from music to meditation to facilitator led sweats or just sitting quiet or good conversation. At our large fire pit next to the sauna we have occasional fire circles with music, discussion or just a fun get together. There is also a small hot tub in one of the gardens. We have an above ground pool that is a refreshing break in the heat of summer. Both sauna, hot tub and pool are clothing optional.

We have many interesting visitors come here throughout the year who share music, stories, knowledge, wisdom and more with us. We encourage people who feel drawn to Wind Spirit or just to the southwest to come visit with us and experience our community. Please thoroughly read the visitors section which will give you most of the information you will need about coming for a visit. A sharing mutually beneficial experience is had by those who come here. Most say it is a very peaceful, healing place and many experience a transformational time while living here.
Would you rather be Happy or Right?
 Photos on this website. We have many photos on our website that span many years and as with life things change so keep that in mind.......
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  • To conserve and responsibly manage the land and its resources, so that they will be improved and not diminished; and will be available to the people of the future.
  • To create a viable alternative community that promotes simple living and allows for economic diversity.
  • To nurture an environment that emphasizes positive human interaction and promotes awareness to raising levels of consciousness.
  • To develop an educational component within the community to share our mission through workshops, retreats and internships.


Quote on community,
"The longest, most expensive personal growth workshop you will ever take" Zev Paiss
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Diana Leaf Christianson - Author and past Editor of Community Magazine.

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A 2008 Nielsen survey along with many other global studies showed that “many of the world’s poorer and emerging markets outranked developed countries in happiness and satisfaction levels in nearly all aspects of their lives.”

Don't sweat the small stuff and lighten up.
These are two major attitude adjustments that are vital to live in community.

Truly "the times they are a changin' ". Serious issues with the environment, dismal financial predictions, wars, erosion of civil liberties, the list is long, makes it a time to come together and seriously consider community in it's many forms. But don't think living in community is easy, it entails a significant lifestyle change but the rewards are worth the effort for people willing to do the work in the realms of body, mind, spirit and place. It is much easier to live independently where most problems are solved by simply closing the door behind you. So consider moving to community as moving into a personal growth workshop if you are serious.
Are you enthusiastic about helping shape a sustainable living environment and  working along side others with shared values. Living in a way that supports authentic communication, simple living, self sufficiency, mutual support and personal growth. Lets do our part to bring about positive change and share our learning journey with others who seek a change. A one year stay is a must for anyone before they are eligible to become a member.


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